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Kodak Retina IIIc (type 021) for sale

Retina IIIc camera for sale

Manufactured from 1954 to 1957, the Retina IIIc was Kodak's first Retina folder with a built-in uncoupled exposure meter in addition to a coupled rangefinder. Along with the Retina IIc introduced at the same time, this was also the first Retina with a convertible lens system of the 'c' type, also used for the later Retina IIC, Retina IIIC, and the original Retina Reflex models.

There were both f/5.6 and f/4.0 35mm wide-angle, and f/4.0 80mm telephoto 'c' type lenses made, and they are fairly readily available. Only the front component is interchangeable, the rear component stays in the camera body fixed at the rear of the shutter.

As they are not coupled to the rangefinder directly, the wide-angle and telephoto lenses are somewhat awkward to use, not that a little inconvenience ever stops a dedicated enthusiast from using them to their full potential.

This one of the earlier examples of the IIIc, as such it has a twin-range exposure meter fitted with a metal flap.

The IIIc can also found fitted with a Rodenstock Heligon lens, but this example is fitted instead with the more-common alternative, the excellent Schneider 50mm f/2 Xenon lens. The shutter is a Synchro-Compur with speeds from 1 to 1/500th of a second, it is synchronised for both bulb and electronic flash, and has a built-in self-timer.

As you are probably aware, a Retina camera fitted with a Schneider standard lens can only use Schneider accessory lenses, just as one fitted with a Rodenstock standard lens can only use Rodenstock accessory lenses.

The Schneider and Rodenstock lenses are very much equivilent in performance, but are of quite different computations. The cameras and lenses are keyed to prevent the wrong brand being fitted.

Some paint loss around the body edges, but generally tidy in appearance. The front lens component is not the original one, which must have been lost somewhere along the line. I have checked the lens and the focus is correct, and so the camera should make a good user. The meter works, but is inaccurate. The selenium cells on these cameras seem to have all started to degrade noticeably, just something to do with being sixty years old I expect.

Retina IIIc camera for sale

Retina IIIc camera for sale

Retina IIIc camera for sale

I have just completely stripped and rebuilt this camera. Apart from the meter, everything works just as it should, it should make a fine user. Priced at NZ$215, airmail shipping to the States or Europe will cost NZ$40.

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