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Merlin subminiature camera

Here are a few pictures of a very nice Merlin subminiature camera I was given recently.

This solid, heavy little camera, made from castings and some pressings, was probably made in the late thirties by the United Optical Instruments company of Southend-on-Sea, UK.

The camera measures 48mm wide X 48mm deep x 37mm high with finder folded down(1.9" x 1.9" x 1.5"), and it weighs in at 110 gm (3.9 oz.)

The spool inside is 10mm in diameter and 22mm long ( 0.4" x 0.9"), giving exposures of around 18mm x 17mm (0.7" x 0.67").

Merlin camera

Here it is with the finder folded down....

Here you can see the advance knob, and you can just see the shutter release sticking out of the side at the junction of the front and main castings.

The camera opened up for film loading. The back slides into place and is held by spring clips.

A view of the inside showing the almost square film gate.

The tiny spool with slot at one end to couple to the film advance knob.

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