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G'day All, my name is Chris Sherlock

I live in Dunedin on New Zealand's South Island, and I collect and repair Kodak Retina & Retinette cameras.

Chris Sherlock

I trained as a camera technician with Kodak in Wellington in the early seventies. Not surprisingly, I started collecting Kodak's Retina and Retinette cameras and lenses. Like many other collectors though, I find that it is hard to resist gathering up examples of other fine classic photographic equipment of the same period, and so my collection has grown.

In recent years I have revived my skills to enable me to repair the cameras in my growing collection so that they are working as they should. Perhaps it was inevitable that I would also end up repairing these fine cameras for other collectors as well.

I've usually got some Retina repair project here that I am working on for another Retina owner. These cameras come here from all over the world. It seems to be getting harder and harder for collectors to find a local camera repair business willing, and/or able to work on these older cameras.

I'm always looking for suitable "parts or repair" cameras to join those sitting in boxes waiting for a transplant, or the chance to become an organ donor. If you have a dead Retina that might be suitable for me to use for parts, or if you'd like some advice with a repair project of your own, please email me.