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How to access a Mecaflex shutter for servicing

Metz Mecaflex

Metz Mecaflex

Recently I was asked to repair a Mecaflex for another collector. The camera presented as completely jammed, the film advance lever would not move, the shutter release button could not be pressed.

As it happens the main fault was that the shutter release button and shaft were gummed up with dried-out lubricants, and the release was actually stuck in the down position. This prevented the film advance stroke from being completed.

Apart from this problem, which was soon remedied, it was apparent that the shutter needed servicing as well.

The Mecaflex uses a variant of AGC Prontor Reflex shutter. Like all leaf-blade shutters it will need servicing from time to time.

To access the shutter first the chrome front housing needs to be removed.

There is no need to remove any of the leatherettes.

Note the chrome pin passing through at the bottom-right of the shutter assembly, to the left half-way up in this picture, this has a slot machined in it, and the slot engages a lever in the bottom of the camera.

Metz Mecaflex

The complex flash synch mechanism has wires running across the bottom of the shutter, remove the two small screws to free the wire and allow it to be lifted over the brass bracket.

On the right-hand side the shutter engages the brass shutter release lever, and the flash synch wire passes around the outside of the release lever. This wire sits in a groove machined in the camera body housing, take note for when you are reassembling the camera.

The shutter should be lift out towards the top of the camera to disengage the cocking ring with the gear at the base of the camera.

Metz Mecaflex

Once free of the camera body, the shutter is a fairly typical Prontor type, with the added complexity of the cocking ring.

Metz Mecaflex Metz Mecaflex

The shutter can be stripped down and cleaned in the normal manner. Reassembly is just a matter of reversing the disassembly process.

Timing the action of the shutter cocking with the film advance/mirror system is straight-forward, with no obvious secrets involved.

If you are planning on servicing the shutter on a Mecaflex, then I suggest you take your own photos as you go as guide to the positioning of all components.

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