Chris's camera pages

Here are some links to great sites on the 'net

Kodak Collector Sites

Walker Mangum's Kodak Pages

Other Camera Collector Sites

Alan Macpherson's 'Classic Cameras' website

Daniel Sanchez's 'Camaras sin Fronteras' camera website

Ebay Auctions Camera Listings

Holger Schult's huge camera collection on his website, 'Cameras Downunder'

Keith South's great "Living Image Camera Museum

Scott Bilotta's Photographica collection

Instruction Manuals

Mike Butkus' instruction manual website

Richard Urmonas' instruction manual website

Photography related sites

Nick Sherlock's photography site My son's digital photography

Jenny Tomlin Photographics A specialist black & white printing service based in Auckland, New Zealand Everything rangefinder-related on this forum.

StereoPhoto Maker Great site for digital stereophotography resources

Camera repair resources

Archived files from The Classic Camera Repair Forum.

Unfortunately, the original active forum site has closed, but the archives here on Stephen Gandy's Rangefinder Forum are still a good source of information.

Curt Fargo's Micro-Tools

Daniel R. Mitchell's great resource for camera repair information, particularly shutters.

Jon Goodman, easily the best source for camera sealing kits. Contact him at this address

Rick Olsen's website.

Markus Keinath's Photographic camera DIY repair and modification page, a vast collection of useful links.

Flutot's Camera Repair A specialist in shutter repair, and especially useful to know about if you use a large-format camera.