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Canon's first "consumer" 35mm camera, this well-engineered model offered very high specifications when it was introduced in 1960. This camera is fitted with a non-interchangeable 45mm f1.9 Canon lens in a Copal SV shutter (1 to 1/500sec,B,X,M)

The Canonet has a good coupled rangefinder, and when everything is working correctly, the automatic exposure mechanism makes for great ease-of-use. The exposure meter is powered by the selenium cell visible surrounding the lens, and so does not need a battery to function.

The film is advanced by a lever mounted on the baseplate, leaving the top cover looking very clean.

Any problems with the auto-exposure mechanism can usually be attributed to one or more of the various moving parts involved in the action failing to swing smoothly into place, usually because they are gummed up with oil.

Canon Canonet 35mm rangefinder camera

You can find a copy of the instruction manual here at 'Favorite Classics'

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