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Canon IVSB2

This beautifully made rangefinder camera was made between 1954 and 1956. This model falls into the class of cameras generally known as 'Leica copies', and it obviously shares a lot of the design features of the earlier Leica cameras, including the M39 lens mount.

Canon IVSB2 35mm rangefinder camera

The Canon IVSB2 has some special features of its own though, like the combined viewfinder/rangefinder, which has adjustable magnification. The three settings show the field of view for the standard lens, and both the 100mm and 135mm lenses.

Another unusual feature is the shutter speed dial, this has the setting pointer on the central shaft allowing the shutter speed to be set with the shutter either cocked or uncocked.

Film is loaded into the IVSB2 from the bottom, and just as you would for a Leica, the film leader must be trimmed to load correctly.

Canon made a great range of lenses for their rangefinder cameras, and this particular one sports a beautiful rigid-mount Canon 50mm f/1.8 standard lens. When I bought this camera at a local auction house I got this very nice Canon 135mm f/3.5 lens too.

Of course, the IVSB2 can used any other Leica screw-mount lenses too.

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