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Agfa Karat 3.5

Agfa Karat

A pre-war camera, made from 1938 to 1941, this one is fitted with a Solinar f/3.5 lens in a Compur shutter, and has been fitted with flash synch at a later date.

The Karat uses standard 35mm film in special 12 exposure Karat cassettes. The camera requires two cassettes, and the film is pulled from one and pushed into the other, so no rewinding is necessary.

The front standard is supported on spring-loaded struts, and will leap forward into position at the touch of the release button on the top cover just in front of the frame counter.

Unfortunately this one shows more bright alloy than it should around the body edges, it was previously owned by the same person who scraped the black paint off the Retinette type 012 in my collection.

Agfa Karat cassetteAn Agfa Rapid cassette

Three cassettes, the first is an original Karat type, and the other two showing the film speed setting bars used on later Agfa Rapid cameras.

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