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Kodak Motormatic 35 & Motormatic 35F

The Motormatic 35 35mm viewfinder cameras was manufactured by Eastman Kodak from 1960 to 1962, and the 35F from 1962 to 1967.

They are similar to the Kodak Automatic 35 cameras, except for the addition of a spring-driven film advance mechanism.

The viewfinder has a handy zone-focus aids with the words 'close', 'group' and 'scene' appearing in the finder as you rotate the focus ring. The words appear to match the detents in the focus action at roughly 4.5 feet, 9 feet, and at 35 feet.

The Motormatic 35 & 35F are both fitted with a Kodak Ektanar 44mm f/2.8 lens in a Kodak Automatic Flash shutter, and the Motormatic 35F adds a built-in bulb flash to the basic specification.

Kodak Motormatic 35 35mm camera

Kodak Motormatic 35F 35mm camera

Kodak Motormatic 35 35mm camera

The spring-wound film advance mechanism, is wound up with the large advance knob is visible here on the baseplate.

The advance is often found to be faulty, but with a little bit of cleaning, it is sometimes possible to get it working correctly again.

Kodak Motormatic 35 35mm camera

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