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Kodak Retina I (type 148)

Kodak Retina I type 148

Manufactured in from 1939 to 1941, this model was functionally identical to the type 149. Where the type 148 had a chrome plate under the rewind knob, the type 149 had black leather.

Most type 148 examples you come across had polished body edges, but late production had black-painted edges like the example shown here, just like the type 149 models.

This model came with an accessory shoe, or just two screws filling the holes in the top plate.

Lenses for this model were Anastigmat-Ektar, Retina-Xenar, or Zeiss Tessar, all f/3.5 5cm, and the shutter was either a Compur or a Compur-Rapid.

When looking for instructions for this model, keep in mind that it is almost identical in function to the post-war type 010 cameras.

Retina I type 010 instruction manual on Mike Butkus' excellent website.

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