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Kodak Retina II (type 014)

Kodak Retina II type 014

Manufactured from 1949 to 1950, this was the update of the earlier Retina II type 011.

This model was fitted with a Compur-Rapid shutter, and was supplied with either a coated Schneider Retina-Xenon f/2 5cm, or a coated Rodenstock Retina-Heligon f/2 5cm lens.

The camera in this picture is fitted with a Retina-Xenon lens.

Probably the most immediately noticeable differences between this and the earlier model is that the type 014 was fitted with a film type "reminder" dial under the rewind knob, the depth-of-field scale was gone from the base of the camera, being engraved on the shutter instead, and the majority of type 014 cameras also had a flash synchronised shutter.

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