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Kodak Retinette type 022 variations

I have examples of three different variations of this model in my collection and have detailed the difference below, there may well be other variations I am not aware of too!

Serial no. Body edges Front panel Shutter housing Exposure values Rewind knob Flash synch Rear door Frame counter
318465 black cast/grey(1) black/nickel no early shutter cast plain
355005 black cast/grey(2) black/nickel yes early front panel cast plain
893788 chrome cast/grey(2) chrome yes intermediate front panel cast notched

Retinette type 022First type

Retinette type 022Second type

Retinette type 022Third type

Body edges

The body edges at top and bottom of camera main casting are finished in black paint/lacquer in early examples and covered with thin chromed brass pressings in later examples.

Front panel

Earliest examples have a simple rectangular grey finished casting with f/stops engraved at top with no flash synch terminal on panel, the second type has a similar casting with a notch on right side for V,X lever, flash terminal on right and black arrow index mark for f/stops, third type is a rectangular chrome plated pressing with a " V" shape to front section and with with similar features to second type.

Shutter housing

The shutter housing itself changes from predominantly black to chrome.

Rewind knob style

Earliest type, flat dial, printing on top( reading anti-clockwise) Infrared/Kodachrome Daylight/Kodachrome-A/Plus X I Super XX

Intermediate type, flat dial, printing on top (reading anti-clockwise) Kadachr.D/Kodachr.F/Ektachr.D/Ektachr.F/Pan X/Plus X/Tri X

Late type, sloping dial, printing on top (reading anti-clockwise)as above.

Flash synch

First type on shutter body, later type on front panel

Rear door

Early type, cast one piece back door, late type two-piece pressing with riveted construction

Frame counter

Early type, chrome top piece slightly smaller diameter and completely round, late type larger diameter with a section of the rim notched on inboard side to allow easy setting.

A closely related model

This camera has recently been identified as a type 030/9 Retinette by the scholars of the Historical Society for Retina Cameras. It is a camera made to special order for Kodak UK as an 'entry level' Retinette alternative to the new Retinette type 030.

Previously it was thought this was just a very late example of the type 022, and a sort of intermediate model before the type 030 with its bright-line finder was introduced.

So, it is not a type 022 Retinette with the front panel of the later model after all, but instead it is a type 030 Retinette fitted with the top cover of the same design as the type 022.

Serial no. Body edges Front panel Shutter housing Exposure values Rewind knob Flash synch Rear door Frame counter
942606 chrome Pressed,chrome chrome yes late front panel pressed notched

A type 030/9

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