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Signet 35

This neat and stylish little 35mm rangefinder camera was manufactured by Eastman Kodak from 1951 to 1958.

The camera body, top and back are all aluminium diecasts, but the base plate is moulded from a hard plastic. It has a Kodak Ektar 44mm f/3.5 lens and a Kodak Synchro 300 shutter, which must be manually cocked for each exposure. The coupled rangefinder has a distinctive triangular patch.

Kodak Signet 35

The advance and rewind knobs are clearly marked on the top.

Kodak Signet 35

On the back, there is this handy exposure calculator.

Kodak Signet 35

Signet 35 instruction manual on Mike Butkus's excellent website.

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