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Kodak Retina IB (type 019 - II) for sale

Retina IB camera for sale

The Retina IB is one of the less-common Retina models, much like a Retina IIIC to look at with the same single-range exposure meter, but instead of the Retina IB having a coupled rangefinder, the second viewfinder 'window' simply serves to illuminate the bright-line finder. The type 019 - II came in two flavours, the earlier examples had a formed line on the front of the top cover over the viewfinder windows, this later type had a plain surface at that point. I expect this was an effort to make the camera look more 'modern' at the time.

The camera is easy to use, with the base-mounted film advance lever, and the 50mm f/2.8 Schneider Retina-Xenar lens is capable of producing great results.

The shutter is a Synchro-Compur with speeds from 1 to 1/500th second, it is synchronised for both bulb and electronic flash, and has a built-in self-timer.

This is a nice example of this Retina model, in good cosmetic condition. I have completely serviced it so it is all working correctly, and it is ready for immediate use.

This one featured in one of my camera servicing video series on YouTube. Here is the link to the YouTube playlist.

Servicing a Kodak Retina IB type 019-II camera

Retina IB camera for saleRetina IB camera for sale

Retina IB camera for saleRetina IB camera for sale

Complete with a leather ever-ready case in average condition and incident-light diffuser for the meter, for sale at NZ$300.00, airmail postage to the North America or Europe will cost NZ$60.00.

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