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Kodak Retinette IA (type 035) for sale

Retinette IA camera for sale

The Retinette IA is perhaps the best-known of the Kodak Retinettes.

This model is known as a type 035. As such it has a 50mm f/3.5 Reomar lens, and this one is fitted with a Pronto shutter. The same model can also be found fitted with a Vero shutter, which is much the same apart from the lack the self-timer.

This model was made from 1959 through to 1961, and although some details changed, later Retinette IA cameras made through until 1967 looked very much the same.

Retinette IA camera for saleRetinette IA camera for sale

Retinette IA camera for saleRetinette IA camera for sale

I serviced a Retinette IA with the Vero shutter in a series of videos on my YouTube channel. The videos also covered stripping down and servicing the Pronto shutter of this particular camera. You can find a link to the YouTube playlist here.

Servicing a Kodak Retinette IA camera

For sale at NZ$150, airmail shipping to North America or Europe will add NZ$50.

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