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Retina Reflex S strip-down continued...stripping down the shutter, part two.

With the shutter finally free, we can service it.

Start by removing the retainer.

Lift off the speed ring.

Lift out the lock lever.

Lift out the gear assembly.

Lift off the cocking ring.

Unhook and lift out the main drive spring.

Rotate main cam towards the cocked position to clear the end of the retard gear train.

Remove the two screws from the retard gear train and one from the self-timer, and lift them out of the shutter case.

Unhook the spring on the cover plate assembly first to release the tension, and then remove both the screw and the spring.

Remove the screw at the other end of the cover plate assembly and lift the plate free.

Lift off the contact and synchro lever assemblies.

Unhook the spring from the synchro sector assembly and remove the spring, the sector assembly, and the gear assembly from the shutter.

Remove the screw and the spring for the flashset lever assembly from the shutter. You may have to modify a screwdriver to suit.

Lift out the 'B' lever and remove its spring.

Unhook and lift out the lever spring.

Remove the screw and the stop bracket.

Lift out the main drive cam.

That is all that needs to be done from the front at this stage.

Turn over the shutter and remove the three screws from the retaining plate assembly and lift it clear.

Lift the flash set lever assembly clear of the case.

Remove the three screws holding the case to the mechanism plate, and lift it clear.

Note the position of the shutter blades

There are three different shapes of blade. The second blade is reduced at the rear edge to clear the shaft passing through the case. The last blade is a narrow cover blade. The remaining four are identical to each other.

Turn the mechanism plate back over and remove the remaining two screws from the tube assembly.

Lift the tube assembly clear.

Lift the blade control ring off the mechanism plate.

Next section: Cleaning and reassembling the shutter.

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